Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Israeli flag stand for the Nile and the Euphrates

This is the most sinister of all the lies.
Its target audience is the Arab and Islamic peoples, and it is relatively unknown among Israelis and the rest of the world. The common reaction by Israelis and Jews when first hearing this grotesque is either to correct it, as if it was an innocent mistake, or simply to laugh at what is indeed a ridiculous idea. Both reactions underestimate the purpose of this lie, and that purpose is simple, to create an animosity towards Israel in the heart and mind of every Arab and Muslim. So whenever they see the Israeli flag, they'll see it as if Israel and the Jews are declaring ownership on the entire land between the Nile and the Euphrates.
The actual inspiration for the Israeli flag is the Tallit, the religious cloth, and prayer shawl, in which Jews cover themselves while praying, and it represents the connection with our past. And any one who knows a little bit of Jewish history, knows that both the Nile and the Euphrates are places which the fathers of the nation, Moses and Abraham, left in order to go to the promised land. Due to the sinister intentions of this lie, it is critically important to correct it on every opportunity. Study this link.

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