Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Israel is a land just for Jews

This lie is the most devilish of them all. It is apart of the Zionism racism libel, simple yet sophisticated, and highly effective.
All they did was just to add the word just. A simple, harmless little word, which changed the meaning from one end to the other:

Zionism describes Israel as a state for the Jews, a place where Jews can rule themselves by being a majority, a place which contains their national history the way all national homelands do.
In order to dehumanize Zionism, Palestinian and Arab propaganda added the word 'JUST'. By just adding the word JUST, they made Israel and Zionism look like something exclusive. While in fact, Theodore Hertzl, founder of Political Zionism and visionary of the state of Israel, made it very clear in the segment about law and constitution in his book 'The Jewish state', that "no minority living among us shell suffer intolerance, religious or national".

Since the Zionist idea, like all national liberation movements, deals with the liberation of a specific nation, the Jews, the word 'JUST' doesn't seem like a big change to an Israeli or a Jew, but when faced with the new meaning of the sentence, the common reaction is confusion; confusion which help sell the lie.
It is also important to note, that the word 'JUSTt' in regard to racism is connected not to the access to a land, but to the system of power, where the right to vote is exclusively held by one group. In Israel there is one person one vote system, for Jews and Arabs citizens alike, and both have representatives at the legislative assembly.

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