Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Israeli flag stand for the Nile and the Euphrates

This is the most sinister of all the lies.
Its target audience is the Arab and Islamic peoples, and it is relatively unknown among Israelis and the rest of the world. The common reaction by Israelis and Jews when first hearing this grotesque is either to correct it, as if it was an innocent mistake, or simply to laugh at what is indeed a ridiculous idea. Both reactions underestimate the purpose of this lie, and that purpose is simple, to create an animosity towards Israel in the heart and mind of every Arab and Muslim. So whenever they see the Israeli flag, they'll see it as if Israel and the Jews are declaring ownership on the entire land between the Nile and the Euphrates.
The actual inspiration for the Israeli flag is the Tallit, the religious cloth, and prayer shawl, in which Jews cover themselves while praying, and it represents the connection with our past. And any one who knows a little bit of Jewish history, knows that both the Nile and the Euphrates are places which the fathers of the nation, Moses and Abraham, left in order to go to the promised land. Due to the sinister intentions of this lie, it is critically important to correct it on every opportunity. Study this link.

Israel is a land just for Jews

This lie is the most devilish of them all. It is apart of the Zionism racism libel, simple yet sophisticated, and highly effective.
All they did was just to add the word just. A simple, harmless little word, which changed the meaning from one end to the other:

Zionism describes Israel as a state for the Jews, a place where Jews can rule themselves by being a majority, a place which contains their national history the way all national homelands do.
In order to dehumanize Zionism, Palestinian and Arab propaganda added the word 'JUST'. By just adding the word JUST, they made Israel and Zionism look like something exclusive. While in fact, Theodore Hertzl, founder of Political Zionism and visionary of the state of Israel, made it very clear in the segment about law and constitution in his book 'The Jewish state', that "no minority living among us shell suffer intolerance, religious or national".

Since the Zionist idea, like all national liberation movements, deals with the liberation of a specific nation, the Jews, the word 'JUST' doesn't seem like a big change to an Israeli or a Jew, but when faced with the new meaning of the sentence, the common reaction is confusion; confusion which help sell the lie.
It is also important to note, that the word 'JUSTt' in regard to racism is connected not to the access to a land, but to the system of power, where the right to vote is exclusively held by one group. In Israel there is one person one vote system, for Jews and Arabs citizens alike, and both have representatives at the legislative assembly.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Zionism and racism

The loudest and the biggest lie of them all is the accusation that Zionism is racism:
Racism is the ideological justification of oppressing other people for the sake of oppressing them. On its various forms and excuses racism justified the rule of one group of people over the other, whether by conquest and imperialism, or by segregation and institutional discrimination within the home country, based on ethnic, religion, and cultural lines or any other differences that may exist.

Zionism is the national liberation movement of the Jewish people; it sought and gained for the Jews self rule and self-determination, a right every nation has (including the Palestinians) where Jews are ruled by Jews and not by other rulers and nations. Before Zionism Jews where a chronic minority: always depended on the (mostly lacking) good grace of others. Prior to the formation of the state of Israel even democratic countries were unable to ensure the safety and well being of their Jewish citizens.

Since racism is about justifying the rule of one group of people over another, and Zionism is about Jews ruling Jews; that is people ruling themselves, Zionism is the exact opposite of racism.

Given what has been said above shouldn’t Israel be considered racist because it maintains an occupation over the West Bank?

NO! Is every occupation racist or imperialistic?

What about the occupation of the Confederated States by the Northern States at the end of the American Civil War, which ended slavery there? Was that racist?

And what about the occupation of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, which ended their spate of horrors across the world known as the Second World War?

The fact is that there is no war without occupation, and this war (the Israeli Arab conflict) will always be 19 years longer then the said occupation.

The phase in this conflict known as the Six Days War of June 1967, that resulted in this occupation was a defensive war.
Once the threats to Israel are gone, them being the inability of major players in the Arab world and the Middle East to accept the RIGHT of the Jewish state to exist and the RIGHT of Jews for life and liberty, the road to negotiation and peace will be open, which will end the war and with it the occupation. This is exactly what happened in Sinai Peninsula in 1982, when a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt lead to evacuation of the peninsula from Israeli armed forces and settlers.


The fact of the matter is that occupation and settlements are not the key markers of racism.


This form of abhorrent conduct by Palestinian Arabs against Israeli and Jewish civilians is the most famous feature of the conflict in spite of massive pro Palestinian propaganda, and it predates the state of Israel, and predates the emergence of Zionism.
The earliest known attack was the Safed pogrom, known as ‘The Great Plunder Safed’. It was a 33 days long fest of violence against the Jews of Safed, perpetuated by Palestinian Arabs from the nearby villages.

And since then the methods may have changed but not the conduct.
In denying Jew these equal and most basic rights, anti-Zionists commit an act of discrimination, racism. Which is just as racist as the systematic and deliberate killing of civilians.

Murderous violence that preceded Zionism:

From left to right, victims of the Nebi Musa riots, Jerusalem 1920, the slain body of Haim Brener – the Jaffa riots of 1921, The Kizelshtein family, survivors of the Hebron massacre, 1929. Jewish refugees fleeing Arab Jaffa on their way to Tel Aviv – 1936, the bus and some and some of murdered passengers from the Ma’ale Akrabim attack - 1954. The Ma’alot attack – 1974. The immediate aftermath of the suicide bombing in Sbarro pizzeria 2001.