Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Israel is a racial, apartheid, colonial, Nazi, genocidal state

Israel is a democracy with equal rights for all. Fact of the matter – everyone can and does vote for the Israeli parliament – the Knesset. In Israel Jews and Arabs can vote and get elected to a legislative office, many of Israel’s parliamentarians are Arabs, even right wing parties have Arab representatives, such as Ayoob Kara from the Likud, and Hamad Amar from Israel Beitenu. There are also Arab mayors, businessman and businesswomen; sports clubs owners and managers, newspapers owners, reporters and editors and so on. All these and more are a part of a rich Arab culture that thrives along side the Jewish one in Israel. In a racist, apartheid, colonial, genocidal Nazi state, none of these would have existed.

So why is this accusation, this lie been made?

Just what are apartheid, colonialism, and Nazism?

These are not mere accusation. Apartheid, colonialism, and Nazism are the most monstrous evils of our times. Evils so great they had to be abolished. And those who hate Israel describe the very existence of the state of Israel and its society as evil to be abolished.

And what to they want to abolish?

Israel is the some of its parts, a regime, which is a democracy.
A culture and society based on the Hebrew language, Jewish traditions, and openness to the outside world.
It is made out of a people, individuals, old and young, women and children and men of all sorts of height and color and personality; and all that is labeled loudly apartheid, colonialism, Nazism. All that essence, which every society, country and state on this Earth has and no one denies its right to have. All that wonder we call humanity is labeled as an evil that must be abolished when it comes to Israel.

Racism on all its forms was never the mere existence of a society; that never was and never will be racism. Racism is about the mistreatment of others – from oppression to annihilation, abolishment. Racism is about the abolishment of a society.

An abolishment of what?
An abolishment of everything humanity represents: culture, society, language, the freedom to choose and the freedom to be. All of which lives in Israel today.

In today’s world a smart racist knows that advocating white supremacy or saying that Jews drink the blood of children for Passover won’t attract a lot of respect, let alone believers. So instead he or she shouts loudly at Israel and at everything Jewish the words racist, nazi, zionazi trying to demonize the very existence of a society. Just like racist do. Deferent technique – same purpose.

So when someone calls someone else a Nazi, what are they referring to?
The treatment of others by that someone or the mere existence of that someone??
Because if it is the mere existence of someone that infuriates them, then they are racist as racist could possibly get.

Sometimes these sorts of ‘critiques’ get creative and say that it is not Israel that is racist but the treatment of Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, which is racist. If the security measures that Israel implemented in the territories, the security barrier, the check points, the on going military operation against terror cells hiding in civilian communities and others, all of which had reduced the success of Palestinian mass murder operations against Israeli civilians into a near zero, if all these measures are apartheid, racism, then the very lives of each and every Israeli citizens that are saved every day and every minute by those measures are also apartheid and racism, an evil to abolish. Thus this creativity only proves the true intentions of those ‘critiques’.

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